• lektron


    Modern and young – creative and innovative students from Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts in Germany: http://www.jazzundpopularmusik.de/Jazz_und_Popularmusik_Mannheim/Willkommen.html LEKTRON sound samples: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap9lXSKbM-w&feature=relmfu http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=l78hQE9-Tt8 The Musicians 1. Julian Maier-Hauff (band leader) His teachers were: John Sahutske Gary Barone Since 2006 Focus on Jazz Since 2008 Jazz piano lessons Since 2011 student at Mannheim University of Music and [...]

  • the band indro etc

    Indro Hardjodikoro The Fingers

    This collective starts of from Indro Hardjodikoro “Feels Free” concert at Erasmus Huis on 5th May 2010. Indro, together with his students Fajar Adi Nugroho, formed a group called Indro Hardjodikoro and The Fingers. With this formation it allows for duo bassist, Fajar and Indro, to improvised while there’s backline bass still playing based on [...]

  • jeremytorjman2

    Jeremy Tordjman Trio

    JEREMY TORDJMAN TRIO & INDO-GROOVE-EXPERIMENT Invite great amazing young musicians from Indonesia The excellent guitarist is currently on tour in Asia JEREMY TORDJMAN brillantly performed with great international artists like the famous drummer MANU KATCHE, or recently the pianist JEREMY MONTEIRO, and BARRY LIKUMAHUWA… and he played in many Jazz events, clubs and Festivals all [...]

  • EASTWOOD 2012


    Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA Dino has been exposed to a rich environment of music, art and theater since he was a child. His Grandmother Susan Fiumara was an accomplished classical pianist, and opera singer studying 12 years at the Conservatory of Naples Italy, teaching all the way into her 80′s, this is where [...]

  • eleven fela orchestra-2063


    Jose is a legendary jazz guitar player whose influence has been pivotal in the continuous development of the Malaysian jazz scene. Jose began his career in the early seventies and toured in one of the first pop/rock groups in the country, the “Ages” to Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea between ’78 and ’81. Jose [...]

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Zubira is a singer/songwriter whose debut album “Like Never Before” was released under his own indie label, Zeztone Productions in December 2006. Zubira has worked with indie film producer/director Linus Chung in a local Chinese movie “A Note of Love” in which he wrote two new songs for the movie with lyrics co-written by Zubira, [...]


The musical journey of Diana Liu has taken her far and wide as a vocalist, composer, and producer. Having completed her high school studies in New Zealand, she crossed the Tasman Sea and settled in Sydney, Australia to advance her music education. Diana first enrolled at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), followed by [...]


Like every other story of hopes and dreams, Cats In Love began life as a rock band hell-bent on getting its brand of retro rock out to the world. But like every other fable of lofty ambitions, nothing ever quite works out as planned. And while the band’s personnel was constantly ushered through a revolving [...]


A mix of colours and the feelings they evoke; a collection of life experiences and the lessons they leave—this is what Filipino songstress Tricia Garcia is all about. Trained in opera but influenced by mainstream jazz and blues, Tricia’s voice soothes and captivates. It’s as if she’s singing only for you. Inspired by the voices [...]


Members Siang Xi – Keyboards, Piano Eizaz Azhar – Electric Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute Melvin Ding – Bass Guitar Eizhan Azhar – Bass Guitar Brett Lee – Drums & Percussion David Chin – Electric & Acoustic Guitar Yun Xin – Auxillary Keyboards A doctor, photographer, a couple of engineers and IT techies who play music to [...]


              Beginning of friendship, a common vision and mission to reach the dream of forming a band that plays indie-pop soul alternative in Indonesia, was realized in 2009. Morning Smile was born with Shintya (Vocal), Rayvaldo (guitar), Rizky (Bass), Faris (drum). Although still very young in Indonesia’s music scene, [...]