The musical journey of Diana Liu has taken her far and wide as a vocalist, composer, and producer. Having completed her high school studies in New Zealand, she crossed the Tasman Sea and settled in Sydney, Australia to advance her music education. Diana first enrolled at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), followed by the Australian Institute of Music (AIM) where she studied both Classical and Contemporary Voice. Under the tutelage of renowned vocalists Joy Yates and David McLeod, Diana graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree specializing in Contemporary Voice Performance.

It was also during her stay Down Under that she took to the stage with numerous acts and bands, performing a variety of music genres including rock, jazz, and classical music at a host of distinguished locations including the Basement, Sydney Town Hall, and the Sydney Opera House.

In 2007, the Sarawak-born lass returned to Malaysian shores where she participated in 8TV’s 2nd season of ‘Project SuperStar’ and garnered the 1st runner-up title. Boosted by her newfound success and exposure, Diana divided her time between penning original material for her solo album and criss-crossing the region where she performed with ASIABEAT at the Java Jazz Festival, the Asean Jazz festival in Batam, as well as the ‘Asia On The Groove’ concert series in Singapore, on top of gracing multiple venues of the local music scene such as No Black Tie, Alexis Bistro, Hakka Republic, and many more.

Diana began recording her Mandarin debut album in 2009, which contains 10 original tracks composed by the ambitious young songstress herself. The project subsequently took her to Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, and featured an experienced crack team of sessionists led by drummer Lewis Pragasam (Malaysia), bassist Harry Toledo (Indonesia), keyboardist Wendy Angerani (Indonesia), and Chris Wright (Australia) among others. Distributed by Warner Music Malaysia in March 2010, the album was produced by Lewis Pragasam, and co-produced by Diana Liu.

In August 2010, Diana collaborated with Indonesian artists Maria Da Silva, Nana Lee, Naomi Risamasu, Menu Hentia Santi, and Brinets in Pijar Entertainment Indonesia’s production of the compilation album ‘Women In Love.’ Helmed by famed Indonesian producer/arranger Idang Rasjidi, the album which headlines young jazz singers was released in September 2010.

Diana further extended her reach when she spent a significant portion of 2011 based in Beijing, China performing at the local music circuit, as well as at various events, functions, and jazz festivals. Currently in the midst of completing her sophomore album ‘Sunny Days,’ Diana’s follow-up effort will feature her very own original compositions and will be personally produced by herself.

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