It all began from friendship built around some street musicians in Dago street, Bandung, where they performed for a living. Fate then brought them from street to Rumah Musik Harry Roesli (RMHR), a foundation which gathers them and provides a better place where they can share their musical experiences and create ideas. The music-learning process was guided by Layala Roesli, approximately for 6 years.

With a lot of patience and fueled by an eagerness to move forward, 57kustik has never given up in any circumstances or conditions. 57kustik stayed on the track, kept on learning and maintained the practice schedule. A big opportunity came at the right time when these talented musicians were put on the same stage to perform with international saxophonist Dave Koz at 2012 Java Jazz Festival. This unique collaboration garnered huge attention and praise from the public, as well as national and international musicians.

Since that, 57kustik has inspired to strengthen their musical skills while keeping themselves grounded. 57kustik strengthens their musical skills, while keep themselves grounded.

57kustik’s choice of genre is that of jazz-pop. At the 2012 World Youth Jazz Festival, 57kustik will showcase their rendition of traditional songs and also international hits in “Pop in Jazz” style, unique yet freshly entertaining.

57 itself consists “5” which represents the band’s personnel, and “7” which represents music’s notes.

57kustik are:
Andri – Vocal, guitar
Yadi – Violin, guitar
Ipan – Violin
Ari – Bass, cello
Alief – Percussion, vocal

Additional player:
Layala Roesli – Drum

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