Zubira is a singer/songwriter whose debut album “Like Never Before” was released under his own indie label, Zeztone Productions in December 2006.

Zubira has worked with indie film producer/director Linus Chung in a local Chinese movie “A Note of Love” in which he wrote two new songs for the movie with lyrics co-written by Zubira, JD Wong of Pop Shuvit and Linus Chung entitled “Beautiful Day” and “Notes of Love”. His other single “Never Mine” from the debut album was also featured in the movie.

After a long rest, he is now working on his next project, a malay album which is expected to be released later in 2012.

Zubira will be accompanied by a young band called “RocknRollas” at the World Youth Jazz Festival on 27th May 2012 at Putraya.

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