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Home Of World Youth Jazz

WYJF is a free festival. No tickets are sold and no form of admission fee is charged.

Founded by a Malaysian Jazz Personality, The WORLD YOUTH JAZZ FESTIVAL PUTRAJAYA MALAYSIA (abbreviated as WYJF) took off jointly under the initiatives of the Malaysian Minister Of Youth And Sports and Jazz Community Malaysia (JAZZCOMM)

World Youth Jazz needs a home and what a better place to make Putrajaya, Malaysia, already branded as The Youth Friendly City, “The Home Of World Youth Jazz”.

Putrajaya is the Administrative Centre of The Government of Malaysia and offers facilities and environment perfect for jazz to grow especially amongst the youths of the world.

Here, the youth of the world would not only be able to showcase their jazz talents but to also integrate, collaborate, interact and network between themselves and established jazz musicians from all over the world not only amongst jazz lovers but with other lovers of other genres of music, towards world peace and harmony.

Besides the annual festival named WORLD YOUTH JAZZ FESTIVAL PUTRAJAYA MALAYSIA (WYJF), there would be constant jazz events and happenings to make Putrajaya Malaysia the true home of World Youth Jazz.

23, 24, 25, 26 and 27 May 2012 are dates for when The Inaugural WYJF would be held. Thereafter, it would not be out of line if we then declare Putrajaya Malaysia as “THE YOUTH JAZZ CAPITAL OF THE WORLD”.

Prior to the main event annually, a series of mini jazzfests would hopefully be held in Putrajaya and other cities in Malaysia to keep jazz alive and growing.

WORLD YOUTH FESTIVALS MANAGEMENT SDN. BHD., that owns the rights, organises and manages WYJF 2012, Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia and Putrajaya, in conjunction with World Youth Day that is celebrated in Malaysia this year from 23 to 27 May 2012 under the National Youth Day 2012 Celebrations titled “MILLIONS OF YOUTH GATHERING”, welcome all youths of the world to join in efforts to promote jazz worldwide and make this world a beautiful place to live for all,

By The Youth,
With The Youth,
For The Youth.

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