Jeremy Tordjman Trio

Invite great amazing young musicians from Indonesia

The excellent guitarist is currently on tour in Asia JEREMY TORDJMAN brillantly performed with great international artists like the famous drummer MANU KATCHE, or recently the pianist JEREMY MONTEIRO, and BARRY LIKUMAHUWA… and he played in many Jazz events, clubs and Festivals all over the world, like the inescapable Montreux Jazz Festival or Miri Jazz Festival.
As a leader, he released two albums « Sambuka » and « Mister Fuzz », which were praised with enthusiasm by all the medias.
A talented musician with different backgrounds, the guitarist Jeremy Tordjman.serves up a colourful and vitalized cocktail.
The ethereal atmospheres andthe spontaneity of Jazz are combined with energy and groove.

Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk and World Music, Jeremy Tordjman has dipped his guitar into all the shades of this
musical palette, with pastel or bright tints, to draw and sign his own compositions.
His music cultivates the contrasts, airy or percussive, colourful or mixed, exceeding the traditional frame of Jazz.

JEREMY TORDJMAN’s style is a very different approach from what is traditional Jazz, it is a music he likes to call « Fuzzy Jazz Groove », with lots of different influences from Larry Carlton or Robben Ford to Wayne Krantz or Scott Henderson.
These are paintings in which bring together, in a relief landscape, inspired ballads, themes in fusion, energetic melodies, for horizon heat, audacity and enthusiasm supported by the musicians who accompany him.
He does not claim to invent a new idiom, nor even to hustle anything. His objective is to move and touch. That’s all. Groove Groove and Groove !!!

What some medias say :

- “A solid live experience in the jazz and groove scene, all the shows being very dynamic, and the catchy guitar phrases leave to the trained and untrained ear, something of a want more. “

- “A show of a great class, a flawless quality and a freshness which reminds you that music can be simply a timeless moment to share.”

Jeremy Tordjman Trio – Line up



FAJAR ADI NUGROHO : Electric bass

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