In a world where there are a lot of distractions, she keeps focused and her dreams alive. And that focus and dream, is music.

Born a Leo, Najihah Sani always knew that she’ll end up doing what she loved most, that is bringing good music to the masses.

Started her career as a radio presenter in September 2009. This business graduate went full speed with what she is passionate in, leaving her 9-5 job behind. She currently hosts 4 shows in a week. All of which carry its own identity. From talk shows to genre based shows, she does it with style.

Her creation of good song selections are actually repertoires which portray her knowledge of music. Growing up in a very musical household, she is well versed with a variety of music from different eras. Besides the ones that are mainstream, she is also a fan of the underground music scene, in Malaysia and regionally.

A fast talker equipped with composure and curiosity, Naj has conducted interviews with professionals, ministers, ambassadors and also local artists, especially jazz musicians, that has made her shows gain the attention of many.

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