Many regard the Soliano family as the most talented musical family in Malaysia.

The only vocal harmony group in Malaysia for the last 30 years, the Solianos got their musical genes from their great father, jazz legend Alfonso Soliano. Alfonso was a revered name in the music circles in the 70s till 90s. He founded the then Orkes RTM (Radio Television Malaysia) and helped win many awards and recognitions for Malaysia.

Now in their fourth generation, the Solianos family members spread all over Malaysia and Singapore.

Soliano’s repertoire includes jazz numbers, popular tunes, and standard music with vocal harmony being their forte. Many have compared them to Manhattan Transfer with a quintessential Malaysian flavor. Many are awed when they hear the 7-part harmony (7 voices singing harmony together) for the first time; it is the signature singing style of the Solianos that never fails to leave a strong impression on the listeners.

The year 2010 was significant for the Solianos because for the first time in 30 years, they recorded an album! Produced by local audiophile label, pop pop music, the “Pusaka” (meaning Legacy in Bahasa Malaysia) is tribute to their great father. Besides covering Alfonso’s original works, the album also covers Malay classics “Widuri”, “Mulanya Disini” and patriotic song “Tanah Pusaka”.

It is not your ordinary album because pop pop music is recognized as the only audiophile label in Malaysia that promotes 100% Malaysian talents coupled with exceptional recording quality which is well accepted even by audiophiles, who are the most critical of listeners.

With this landmark album, the Solianos are ready to leave a remarkable imprint in the local music industry. “Pusaka” is not a Malay jazz album, it is an album for Malaysians.

All-round entertainment with a wide range of evergreen repertoire covered in multi-part harmony and voicing. The Solianos are known to be great entertainers with a big stage presence. They are lively and commanding on stage.

Many who have watched the Solianos on stage commented that they are the only harmony group in Asia that can do vocal harmony so well.

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