Ashton N. Moore

Currently residing in Japan, adding credibility to his showmanship and experience, Ashton Moore carries his passion for music with him. Performing to audiences around the globe is a privilege that he does not take lightly. He remembers his foundation. Born and raised in Detroit, by a musically inclined family, Ashton gained a healthy respect for traditional musicianship. He expanded his love of music through violin, piano and percussion, while delighting in the discovery of new musical paths.

He has truly honed vocal talent in many genres, but resonates most as a Jazz and R&B vocalist.

Mastering musical style and improvisational techniques catapulted his professional performances. His experience in concerts, competitions and clubs, internationally, has helped him to become the premier artist that he is. Jon Hendricks, Wessell “Warmdaddy” Anderson, Cyrus Chestnut and Christian McBride are some of the jazz greats that he has been privileged to work with. Performing two concerts of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Goin’ On Suite at Dizzy’s Coca Cola Club in Frederick Rose Hall (2005), Ashton knows what it takes to impress and excite jazz fans! He has the passion and ability of a seasoned professional. Encompassing pure talent, while successfully exuding harnessed skill.


Sunday, 8th May 2016, 8.40pm – 9.20pm @ Main Stage